An Orfeo Mind


01. Tirao - Holozaÿss

02. Degenerescence (2011 Remix) - Nebuleyes

03. With my Deepest Love - Xavier Boscher

04. Spirit - Magnific Senses

05. The Melodist - Ultra Virtual Prog Band

06. From Beyond - Drama Elfamorta (free)

07. Clash of the Titans

08. Heighfer Till Commi Uwe - Tirao

09. A New Child is Coming - Xavier Boscher

10. Earth - Magnific Senses

11. Body Therapy - Xavier Boscher

12. Explorateurs - Nebuleyes

13. Sandarina - Ultra Virtual Prog Band

14. Hymn to Hymen - Twins

An Orfeo Mind - Various Artists

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Artwork by ktsdesign

Released: 26 May 2011

Distributed by Believe Digital


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