ErotoManiacs: Characters from the community of erotomania.

ErotoMasters: Composed of three people, the dissidents are Erotomaîtres erotomaniac seeking pleasure in the Order of the same name.

Explorers: A group of five people fully trained to explore the most difficult areas of the Underworld. Despite the excellent training they received at Silver Dome, they chose to break away from the erotomania which they originate because of the new school of thought with which they disagree.

Acåcians: Characters from the community of Acacius.


Miranon: (TC-44) Spokesman of the people erotomania, philosopher and clairvoyant design engineer astronomy enthusiast, he is the son of Mirink instructor schools and Anora, botanist. It is driven by erotomania in TC 0 and founded the Order of Erotomaîtres. We say generous, persistent, charismatic, proud, but rather the critics are authoritarian and pretentious ...

Luv': (TC-39) and numerical analysts by profession Tirao godmother who will offer an emulator sense at his baptism. This young woman is a miracle of intelligence and creativity. She spends all of his days and nights to develop many software including the famous Stellarcom 2.1, and has since set about renovating and simplifying the administrative computer erotomaniac. It said the emotional reactivity of amazing but sometimes a little too naive...

Sykunaëlle: (TC-52) High Priestess of the Pulse Station, is one of the great ladies of erotomania. Excellent manager, artistic director with a taste for decoration, this young woman is irresistible to the image of the institution. It is said to see original enchanting and mysterious but sometimes a little too venal ...

Scientismus: (TC-57) Director of the Silver Dome, distinguished professor, doctor of physics, chemistry and genetics. He also holds the formula for which cloning is recognized by most major scientific Underworld. They say the moon, a small but very sociable ...

Nay: (TC-41) and younger brother of Miranon geologist passionate work on minerals have made him a brilliant scientist. They say brawler, helpful, dazed and yet very studious, handsome but conceited ...

Lÿrko: (TC-49) Religious descendant of a line of philosophers, it is a great thinker endowed with eloquence that builds during the naming ceremonies of infants erotomania. It is said backbone, but sometimes cultivated mystique ...

Amixa: (TC-36) The famous host of Radiola is the person most listened to erotomania. Discoverer of talent and top-notch programmer, his voice and tone are enchanting the heyday of the resort. It said the modest and accessible despite his fame, his critics are too minimal emissions.


Miranon: (TC-44) Ex-erotomaniac TC 0 since he founded the Order of Erotomaîtres Mini with Virtue.

Mini-Vertue: (TC-21) Because of her nymphomania and its provocation, this young woman, whose real name Mikina Tryska, was driven from erotomania because his behavior did not correspond to current thinking.

Mǭstano: (TC-62) lawless, misogynistic and perverse, Mostano Samoto Bel is a very rich businessman called Mini Vertue to join the Order. He said despite its origins kyriennes erotomaniac.


Stigma: (TC-33)) whose real name is Eray Glas, is a geologist emeritus. It must unfortunately his nickname with the scar of the heart in Appendix inexplicably caused by the death of his wife. Since then, he dedicated his life to science and to the memory of his deceased wife.

Researcher Face: (TC-34) Spelunker confirmed Jarod Sylt has developed an incredible sense of direction in addition to its great mineral knowledge. It is also the master of Tripède, a gifted dog.

Camæleonis: (TC-24) Doctor of divine history, botanist and zoologist, Jion Kortal is a real chameleon, able to sneak into any decor with an optimal option.

Lou "Rope" Maria: (TC-22) This young woman embodies femininity in Explorers, flexibility and virtuosity have made her a top-notch climber.

Tripedon: (TC6) Dog gifted race unknown, it takes its name from a genetic defect. With two legs at the rear, a front which it has particularly sharp claws, head-researcher has a clever stunt, always ready to sneak into the corners where man can go.


Acådistå: (TC-61)) President Korzum inc., Initially single cultural organization offering a variety of mainstream media. They become dangerous to the nervous systems of humans over time and the company quickly turned a sectarian organization ... The Veterans sponsored Korzum through this woman to prepare the ground for the arrival of the Universal and by facilitating the degradation of human destruction.

Zuvaÿ: (TC-54) Painter "emotional" (the art movement of the organization).

Kætheen: (TC-39) pioneering the interactive game "Cult People Play".

Mithelÿs: (TC-41) Nympho criminal stage in the game "Cult People Play".

Mini-Vertue: (TC-21) After the fall of the Order, the young woman joined with Korzum Mostano, the organization will allow them to continue to speak.

Mikas Trÿskas: (TC2) Son of Mini-Miranon Vertue and it was conceived by the time the Order of Erotomaîtres. Doubts about the real identity of her father will hover until adulthood.

Mǭstano: (TC-62) enters the Mostano capital Korzum Inc.. investing in the development of the game Kætheen.

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