Across the Earth

Blue Planet: "Its atmosphere is composed of 78% nitrogen and 22% oxygen and its surface is covered with 3 / 4 water (seas and oceans). Note alternating day and night.

We find the same characteristics as the earth "real" but with new sites:
Erotomania: Country inhabited by the people erotomania, located between the ACTA (north) and Kyre (south).
Vox Humana: Vortex located between Earth and the universe, accessible only by the gods.
Kyre: Country inhabited by the people Kyrien, located west of erotomania.
Acacie: Country inhabited by the people Acåcien, located north of erotomania.


Eroclipse: Capital of erotomania.
Pulse Station Night Club Plateau and adjacent Eroclipse Terral.
Elise: Places of worship polytheists and cosmopolitan.
Contacting: Meeting room fully computerized owned Miranon and excellent means of communication with the world and the rest of the universe.
Radiola Studios: Studios in which radio Sykunaëlle announce his huge party.
Silver Dome: Laboratory headed by Scientismus
Accelerator molecules: Atomic Machine allowing bump molecules.

Nectarine Ocean: Ocean east of erotomania.

Terral Plateau: A vast plateau overlooking the ocean nectarines.
Opinion: Extensive field with a multimedia scene erotomaniac allowing the people to meet and speak

Glow Forest: Forest west of Eroclipse always lit with luminescent flower that inhabit:
Mineral Gallery: Gallery Underground whose entrance is located in the forest glow and allows down to the bottom of the well-Terre.
Sanctuairotique: Mansion belonging to Mostano be organized in which "the Order of Erotomaîtres".
Altar of the buttocks offered: Chapel erotic place where the great masses of the order.
Salon Taste: Room will be tasted in which the new recruits of the sect.
Dungeon: Place all the sexual experimentation.
Distillers room: Cave in the basement in which the liquor is distilled erotic.
Dorshum: rocky border region between the Kyre and erotomania, considered very dangerous.
Tryshann: Locality consists of cliffs, located in the Dorshum and known for its archaeological expeditions tragic.
Stele Divine: Set in an underground room, it was sculpted by Ezust and contains an extraordinary discovery.

-Vox Humana-

Observatory: Room located in the Vox Humana in which the gods meet and observe humans (council of the gods) ...

Charnel Cocoon: The park with lush vegetation of the Vox Humana in which Thézar and Eterna will be found.
Phosphorescent Garden: Garden will be designed in which the Digital Child.

Wing of Light: Capsule in which Tirao travels, it moves only in the Vox Humana.

Zyris Station: Space Station located in the Vox Humana for the wing landing light.


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